Team Fabio Clemente at the New York & Boston IBJJF Open Tournaments


Check out some photos below of Team Fabio Clemente competing at The New York and Boston IBJJF Open tournaments from earlier this year. They’re a bunch of great shots showing our team competing hard and standing on the podium after clinching victory. Congrats to Mike White, Callie Freeman, Vedha Toscano, Mike Kalika, Mike Rivas, Melvin Smiley, Isaiah Parker and thanks to professor Babs for being there to coach us along the way!

Click a photo to start a slideshow of the event! Oss!


Mike White getting his hand raised at his 1st match


Mike White winning open weight class


Mike &  Mike with professor Babs

babs and mike 1



Mike White winning his division



Mike Rivas on the podium



Melvin Smiley on the podium with 3rd place. Oss



Callie on the attack!!



Callie playing her lasso quard


Mike with his hand raised !! Oss



Mike on the podium


Vedha @ Boston Open with her lasso quard


Vedha going to the back take


Mike wining his Open weight division!!! Great job