Team Fabio Clemente at IBJJF Summer Open NY on July 11


This past weekend our school has competed at IBJJF Summer Open tournament. We want to take a second and express how much we appreciate everybody showing up and performing to their best abilities. We had many teammates competing, some placed ,and some didn’t but as always what counts is your presence. You are all winners !!!
It was a special day since sensei Fabio Clemente himself got back on the mat, this time not only as a teacher but also as a competitor and was victorious. Oss
-Fabio Clemente 1st division/1st open weight
-Francisco Iturralde -2nd place
-Michael Schweiger -2nd place division/3rd place open weight
-Zata -1st place division/3rd place open weight
-Adonis -1st place NoGi
-Freddy Coronado- 2nd place
-Mike K -1st place
-Vedha – 2nd place division/2nd place open weight
-Tim Bukher- 2nd place
-Mufit-1st place
-Eric Hanichka -2nd place

Here are some of the memories from this day.
We apologize if we have limited amount of photos and not everybody moments were captured. We will get them next time



Some of the crew coming to support our their teammates

group 2


Fabio in action

fabio 2

Zata was the 1st to congratulate his dad on a victory !!

fabio zata hug


group 1

Fabio getting his hand raised

fabio 3

Adonis No-Gi Champion


Freddy with Fabio


Mike the Champ!

me 2

1st seconds of Fabio match

fabio 1

Mufit 1st place !!

mufit 1

Mufit in action

mufit 2

Anthony Padulo taking the back

padulo 2

Padulo in action


Mike Schweiger getting his hand raised


Sinistro getting his hand raised !! Oss

sini 1

Sinistro in action

sini 2

Tim Bukher on a podium


Vedha getting her hand raised

vedha 1

Vedha with her strong grip game

vedha 2

Vedha passing from DLH

vedha 3

Family of Champions !!

vedha -fabio-zata

Zata setting up cross choke

zata choke

Zata and Mike on a podium

zata- shweiger

Zata 1st match

zata hand raised

Sibling love

zata vedha

Babs is congratulating Fabio on his return to competition and great performance


The Champ !!


Mike with uchi mata throw

me 1