Team Fabio Clemente at Pan Ams 2016


Team Fabio Clemente fielded a small team at the 2016 Pan American Championships but we still made our presence known. Our team, comprised of brown belts Mike Kalika, Mike Schweiger, Zata Toscano and black belt Francisco “Sinistro” Iturralde, took home two medals and fought bravely on BJJ’s biggest stage. Below are a series of photos of our team in action at the tournament—click one to launch a slideshow!


Special shout out to Mike K and Sinistro for their silver medals. See you at Worlds, oss!

Mike with a throw

pic 5


Mike on the podium!! Oss

pic 1


Sinistro during his final match

pic 3


Mike getting his hand raised

pic 2


Sinistro is as ready as he can be

pic 6


Mike Schweiger during his 1st match

pic 7


Sinistro in action

pic 4


Schweiger passing

pic 8