Louis Levy


Louis Levy is a black belt under Professor Clemente and teaches our early bird classes Tuesday and Thursdays at 7AM. Lou is one the most frustrating guys to deal with on the mats. It’s not because he’s mean--he’s actually quite helpful and constructive, it’s just that his Jiu-Jitsu so powerful. Lou is a 2006 NAGA world champion and a former NCAA Division 1 athlete. He’s got a wide breadth of knowledge in strength conditioning, cardio conditioning as well as BJJ. He’s been lucky enough to train all over the world and has studied with some of the top teams in the country. If you ever make it out to an early bird class with Lou, it’s likely the whole regimen will cater to your needs--he often teaches by request!


New York City


Cresskill NJ


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2006 naga world champion